Product Information Management


What does PIM mean in project management?

The term “PIM” stands for “project information management.” It is a process that helps organizations manage and store project-related information in a centralized location. PIM can help organizations keep track of project deadlines, tasks, and milestones. It can also help…

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What are the main features of PIM software?

To achieve the objectives for which PIM or Production information management was designed, the software integrates several modules. These are presented in the form of functionalities, of which the following are the basic and indispensable ones. The collection of quality…

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What do the potential PIM’s clients look like?

PIM or Product Information Management is a management tool designed essentially to facilitate the centralization of information. It allows you to store all the descriptive data of the products of a structure, brand, and company in a single place. The…

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4 key steps before launching a PIM

Has your company decided to embark on a PIM to better manage product information and benefit from better visibility across sales channels? It’s good to know that such a decision should not be taken lightly. It requires thought, organization, and…

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How PIM impacts your company

PIM is a software used in many companies today, helping them in their internal and management processes with their many employees in agencies or stores, but what is PIM, what are the advantages of using it, and who are the…

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PIM’s importance when it comes to the company’s ecosystem

Product information management is defined as pieces of software that allow you to have better global management of the company. By using PIM, you can better enrich and better disseminate your product information. It is this product information management that…

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Manage your product data with PIM

Still today in the business world, the MIP is becoming an essential link for distribution and trade professionals. Its role is to structure, enrich and centralize all the product data (technical characteristics, quotes, marketing data, media, etc.) of a company,…

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PIM: the best means of centralizing your company’s digital assets

As the cornerstone of any company, Pim is a must in the business world. In addition to saving precious time, it also allows you to improve the performance of your structure. Here are the advantages that you can benefit from…

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