What do the potential PIM’s clients look like?

PIM or Product Information Management is a management tool designed essentially to facilitate the centralization of information. It allows you to store all the descriptive data of the products of a structure, brand, and company in a single place. The goal is to be able to easily ensure their diffusion on the various sales channels. However, the functionalities of a PIM vary according to the tool. While some include a web store production module, others do not perform this type of task. Who are the real PIM customers?

Anyone whose activity requires product catalogs processing

To show Internet users the skills and professionalism of the company, it must be able to offer a reliable, complete, and regularly updated product catalog. It is indeed the only means for the Net surfers to know in detail the products proposed by the company and to know if certain articles interest them. To be able to offer a complete catalog, the use of a PIM is essential. It is the only efficient and effective tool that allows to integrate the information and avoid all input errors. It is therefore in the interest of all individuals and companies to use PIM software and improve their visibility, productivity, and therefore their turnover. To find out which tool best suits your company's needs, do not hesitate to choose a software solution with Goaland.

Anyone who wants to centralize information for his/her many sales channels

E-commerce managers, large companies, auto entrepreneurs, and all those who want to improve and optimize the distribution of their product sheets on sales channels should use a PIM solution. The functionalities offered by this tool allow the information produced to be collected and stored in a single location to facilitate its sharing. This not only saves time in data collection but also increases the chances that the company or brand will be more visible on the chosen channels. Indeed, by distributing complete information on the communication channels, the chances that Internet users will fall and become interested in these files are higher. This is a practical and effective technique to increase the conversion rate and therefore sales.

Anyone looking for an effective tool to disseminate reliable information

PIM is not just a tool designed to centralize data. It also can reference visuals such as videos, ads and brochures. The data it deposits on these contents is always complete, reliable, and true. Internet users do not fear that the information they receive is distorted. So if you want to disseminate this kind of information, you are surely concerned about PIM.

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