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Marketing in territorial economic development

Territorial marketing is a very good way to increase your business’ attractiveness in territories where you are struggling to stand out from the competition. Therefore, to make a name for yourself and build a reputation with customers, you must already…

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Promote the sale of your products with trade marketing

The success of one or more products may depend on the relationship between producer and distributor. As far as the supplier is concerned, he always tries to ensure that his partner gives priority to his products. Indeed, each of the…

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Manage your commercial activity with the help of an innovative software solution

Marketing tools are IT solutions for better customer relationship management. It is now possible to pilot all your sales actions from CRM marketing. CRM marketing, how does it work? CRM marketing or customer relationship management is defined as the set…

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The benefits of Online Reputation for your company

The e-reputation is the image that a company or brand conveys on the web and other media. E-reputation also applies to a product or service. E-reputation: the main concepts to know The e-reputation results from the images of product content that…

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Tips for choosing a clothing store cash register

A cash register is an essential tool in any retail business, especially ready-to-wear stores. In addition to speeding up the payment process and improving accuracy, a cash register can also provide additional security while tracking cash flow and even inventory….

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