Promote the sale of your products with trade marketing

The success of one or more products may depend on the relationship between producer and distributor. As far as the supplier is concerned, he always tries to ensure that his partner gives priority to his products. Indeed, each of the actors will try to achieve reciprocal profitability through a partnership where everyone is a winner. This is called trade marketing.

What is trade marketing?

Trade marketing mainly affects the marketing of distribution. That is to say, a method that aims to improve the relationship between a producer and its distributors. Together, they are aware that everything works in their favor. Thanks to exchanges of information via the Internet, they plan partnership actions. Stock management, merchandising, assortments, advertising, promotion, etc. are all studied together by the two players. Of course, they are based on the behavior of the buyers at the points of sale. In the majority of cases, the producer hires a trade marketing manager to guarantee various tasks, such as coordination of promotional tools (private stand, e-marketing show, tarpaulins, posters, discount coupons, etc.), field trips to be closer to distributors and consumers, etc.

The motivation of the distribution network

To ensure the loyalty of its distribution network, a producer must stand out from its competitors by ensuring that its distributors are always motivated. Thus, it is advisable to establish a well-structured program by following the few points mentioned below: Animation: a supplier must know his partners well. What is their strategy? How does their organization, business plan, etc. work? etc. To do this, it is necessary to master the product to motivate the partners. It is then essential to intervene through a purchased advertisement. Advertising: the main goal of a partnership is to sell to end customers. However, if the products are not visible, they will never find them. This is why a supplier is obliged to convince his retailer to display his products. It is in these cases that he proposes the setting up of a private stand or the reservation of an entire department for his product. If it is a website, an e-marketing show is more practical. Motivation: for the distributor(s) to swear by the supplier's product, the latter must imperatively provide tools such as trade marketing mediums, in-store animation, web seminars, etc.

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