Marketing in territorial economic development

Published on : 25 December 20202 min reading time

Territorial marketing is a very good way to increase your business’ attractiveness in territories where you are struggling to stand out from the competition. Therefore, to make a name for yourself and build a reputation with customers, you must already know how to question yourself and know the strong and weak points of your territory and then exploit them.

The concept of territorial marketing

Territorial marketing is the strength of territories to distinguish themselves from others with the same uses and characteristics. The aim is to be favored and preferred by the public and also to offer valuable services, thus distinguishing themselves largely from competing territories. It is based on the marking of the territory, through a unique identity that will allow residents and customers to acquire its history, its economic and tourist assets as well as its culture. So it is with the aim of better selling the territory to promote development.

The necessary tools for territorial marketing

Territorial marketing serves as a springboard to ensure the success of a village, town, or region for its uses and activities. For this, certain tools are necessary to stand out from the competition. This encourages visitors to think and remember their last visit or a particular event and there will always be feedback from customers, good or bad, depending on the use of the tools.

A good brand image

This is the logo of the agency. It is the first image of the agency and the territory that the public sees. It must be unique, attractive, simple, and easy to remember. To have a good brand image, the logo must avoid being a copy or plagiarism. In short, avoid at all costs giving a feeling of déjà vu to clients. This could generate intoxications and we will have some for its reputation. We also need a website that serves as a portal and has an overview of everything we can do in the territory.

Economic development policies

Territorial economic development policies can be summarized in a few points.

Analyze, evaluate, and diagnose your situation.
To give a sense of belonging to the residents.
Organize events that promote local development in terms of culture, tourism, economy, etc.
Build a strong reputation by developing an effective communication strategy.
Seek funding and manage partnerships.

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