Manage your product data with PIM

Still today in the business world, the MIP is becoming an essential link for distribution and trade professionals. Its role is to structure, enrich and centralize all the product data (technical characteristics, quotes, marketing data, media, etc.) of a company, then for each sale (B2C, B2B, marketing, etc.) and communication (social network, catalog of theses, etc.).

What is the MIP?

PIM stands for product information management. PIM is a software or solution used to manage all data related to product sales and promotion (color, size, description, material, etc.). Usually, this data comes from different databases and sources (ERP, CRM, etc.). The PIM collects and centralizes them to obtain a single version of the data that can then be used both internally and externally (salespeople, graphic designers, translators, etc.). To find PIM solutions adapted to your needs, visit this Product Information Management platform.

Why do I need a PIM?

If you had to describe a pair of shoes, what information do you have in mind? Model, brand, size, color, material, care recommendations, performance... and this list is not complete. Now imagine that you run a specialized online store. The products you offer include thousands of pairs of shoes. Therefore, this information will be multiplied thousands of times! At first glance, organizing this data in one or more Excel files seems to be the only possible solution. Of course, this solves some real constraints but creates many others. Indeed, processing tables with thousands of rows is neither fast, nor ergonomic, nor safe, and certainly not conducive to effective collaboration. The more your product offering grows, the more new channels you create and the more product data you accumulate. It is essential to concentrate and build up a large amount of information in the reference source to promote the verification, updating, and dissemination of product information. Hence the need for product information management solutions.

What are the advantages of PIM solutions?

Today, product information management solutions have become the cornerstone of companies. Better management of product data will bring many benefits! They enable the collection of quality, reliable, and consistent reference data across all distribution channels. Stored in the repository, the data can be enriched and modified according to the distribution channel. It also simplifies the work of sales and customer service teams. And finally, the PIM offers the possibility to centralize your product data. The PIM allows you to unify product data and record all information in one place. This guarantees their consistency. No Excel spreadsheets are required to edit and publish on the Internet, and your marketing team will ask you to provide high-resolution photos of the latest products.

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