4 key steps before launching a PIM

Has your company decided to embark on a PIM to better manage product information and benefit from better visibility across sales channels? It's good to know that such a decision should not be taken lightly. It requires thought, organization, and above all the involvement of your entire team. It also requires patience and apprehension to succeed in PIM projects. How exactly do you do it? Here are the 4 key steps you will need to consider.

Step 1: Determine the reason for the need for the transition

To be able to succeed in a PIM project, it is first of all necessary to know the reasons for this change. You need to know why you want to switch to Product Information Manager. Most companies make this transition to solve problems for which the PIM is usually the best solution. Note that the PIM is a tool designed primarily to help the company take advantage of good data management, not IT-related issues. In order not to make a mistake in your choice, you also need to be aware of the many functionalities of this type of solution and make sure that they can be useful in your many tasks.

Step 2: Frame the PIM project properly

To properly launch a PIM, it is important to take the time to clarify the company's objectives. It is necessary to know beforehand the processes to be integrated. That is to say, the product lines or the categories of characteristics. You also need to determine the information governance you are going to put in place. This will allow you to ensure the quality of the data you will distribute through your sales channels. Before you start, take the time you need to specify your needs, otherwise, you will spend a small fortune on a project that will ultimately only hurt you.

Steps 3 and 4: involve all entities of the company

To install a perfect collaboration between each team, it is important to educate them about PIM. That is to say, to explain what it is really about, what are the expectations in using such a tool, and what are the objectives to be achieved. It is also necessary to define the roles that each user must play once the project is launched. Such an organization aims to ensure the perfect implementation of the PIM. For this, all departments must work together. Entrusting it to a single team can put the company in unmanageable situations, especially when it has to manage several products and services at the same time.


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