What are the main features of PIM software?

To achieve the objectives for which PIM or Production information management was designed, the software integrates several modules. These are presented in the form of functionalities, of which the following are the basic and indispensable ones.

The collection of quality product information

The main function of a PIM is to collect quality product information. Although the data collected by the tool is very diverse, they are all used to enrich the product sheets to be distributed through the various sales channels. The raw data is automatically retrieved from several external sources. They are then converted into usable data. It will then be easier for the manager to reprocess, classify, and sort these data to set up reliable and complete product information. Some tools can even collect emotional data, which is very useful for analyzing user attitudes and increasing conversion rates. To understand how a PIM works, the skills of a specialist such as Goaland can be of great help. Do not hesitate to contact them so they can advise you on your different projects.

Centralized data management

This is key to your success. It allows any company to have at its disposal the information it needs to create reliable and quality product sheets. Regardless of the number of sheets to be set up or the amount of data to be processed, thanks to this functionality, these tasks can be completed more quickly. The necessary information is all in one place, allowing the manager to collect the information he needs without having to search through different folders or storage locations. 

Automatic distribution of product information

The main objective of the MIP is to make available to consumers, distributors, and intermediaries the maximum amount of information on the products addressed to them. The transfer of this data is ensured by the tool in such a way as to avoid confusion or the transfer not being made in time. To ensure that all distributions to sales channels are made in real-time, the tool can be programmed in advance. When the designated time arrives, the product information will be sent directly and automatically to its recipients. This functionality not only creates confidence but also, and above all, allows you to focus on more important activities that cannot be carried out by software and IT solutions. 

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