PIM’s importance when it comes to the company’s ecosystem

Product information management is defined as pieces of software that allow you to have better global management of the company. By using PIM, you can better enrich and better disseminate your product information. It is this product information management that takes care of the management of your product information. 

The usefulness of Product Information Management

PIM will never replace the company's other IS tools, but it is still indispensable. It includes all the data of a product sheet. The data includes marketing descriptions as well as various information concerning the product. When the creation of a product is carried out within a company's information system, product information management takes care of the collection of the raw data. In the case of an ERP system, the role of the latter is to group, process, and analyze the information in a transversal way. Modules concerning human resources, stock management, or company accounting are included. In the case of an MDM, it takes care of processing the data before sending it to the PIM which will take care of centralizing and enriching this data in order to then distribute it through the sales channels. You can find out more here if you are interested in the concept of Product Information Management.

What the PIM brings to a company

Businesses are aware that customer satisfaction is paramount and is very important. Product information management contributes directly or indirectly to this customer satisfaction. PIM then has the power to centralize product data so that it becomes more reliable. Using PIM offers simplicity and speed of work compared to Excel for instance. Also, it is suitable even for teamwork on the same product. There will be no duplication of data since you use a single product sheet. You will make fewer errors by using a PIM but you will also be able to correct an error quickly. 

Criteria for choosing a PIM

You can choose between SaaS PIM and On-premise PIM. You must make your choice based on the PIM's infrastructure. You also need to ask yourself some questions before making your choice. Among these is the volume of your product data. The number of people working on the PIM must be well defined. Your company's IT architecture must also have the resources needed to run a product information management system.

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