How PIM impacts your company

PIM is a software used in many companies today, helping them in their internal and management processes with their many employees in agencies or stores, but what is PIM, what are the advantages of using it, and who are the most concerned?

What is PIM?

PIM as its name suggests (product information management) is a product management software, in general, it is a piece of software that works on centralizing information and updating it at the source. For a better image, the PIM is at the center of the many information channels used by a company, or an industry. Through it, information is collected, filtered, processed, and shared. By using PIM, companies are relieved of the task of sharing information and collecting it from all the actors involved. PIM is also a very intelligent marketing tool. For more information, go to

The benefits of using PIM

The product information management is a tool that lightens the company using the PIM allows you to free yourself from the numerous Excel files and allows you to find yourself among the numerous product updates, regarding prices, characteristics, or even the stock of products inserted in the software. In this sense, anyone who needs information on a product can directly access the latest information, including the suppliers concerned by each of the products. And not only for information sharing, but PIM is also particularly appreciated for its ability to connect all the product publication channels, as well as all the platforms or products are present.

Who benefits from PIM?

PIM is a software for managing information on one or more products, so it is widely used by producers and merchants. How is it used? For producers, product information management allows them to update a product sheet that will be immediately received by the merchant thanks to the software, and the merchant will not be able to make a mistake on the information to be shared with customers. But also to marketers who need to make a product visible and update it as soon as there is a change, they can directly receive data from producers, but also, for their analysis, they will have feedback from merchants and comments from buyers as well as movements related to products from different distribution channels. In this sense, the PIM is a tool that facilitates the work of each person concerned with a product through the ease and immediacy of receiving information.

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