What are the benefits of a mobile marketing strategy?

Mobile marketing is a plan to increase sales based on the use of a cell phone. These gadgets cannot be separated from everyday life, and marketing experts have taken advantage of this situation. Thus, it is more successful compared to other types of advertising. Anyone can place an order from their smartphone or tablet. This is a strategy that many companies are already adopting.

SMS marketing: fast and effective

With push mobile marketing, the company targets customers and sends them offers directly via SMS. The content of the message is an advertisement that aims to convince them to buy the product. It is a very effective means, it is not a question of bombarding customers with messages, but of establishing a studied frequency. The best is to send the message once a week so as not to annoy the customer. This is the least expensive strategy, but it gets directly to its destination, i.e. the customer. There's no way he'll miss out on the offer since the message arrives on his cell phone. It's fast and also convenient because you can briefly explain your offer. Besides, you can vary the content of the message to address different types of customers according to their preferences. The reception and reading rate of the message is 95%, 90% of which is read within 10 minutes after arrival.

Accessibility and perceived results

An SMS campaign is summarized by the various means used to advertise directly to the target audience, by sending them an SMS. It is a more accessible and practical solution. All companies can use this method. The offer can reach customers wherever they are. Also, you can follow in real-time the evolution of your strategy through the responses of the customers who are attracted by your offer. A company uses a mobile marketing strategy to launch a specific product. To help you, it is also possible to integrate a link to your website in the message content. The customer interested in your offer will be able to follow the link directly and buy the product online. Indeed, you can combine several strategies at the same time to generate more products, but also facilitate consumer access to your products. This is very much the case when combining an SMS mobile marketing strategy with online sales.

The greatest asset of rich SMS

You can control the content of the message to optimize the chance of convincing the customer. It's just like writing online product sheets in which you are required to describe the product in an understandable way to attract more consumers. You can include QR codes, videos, texts, images, barcodes... in your message through hyperlinks. It's easy to include all the elements you want within the 160-character base. With the innovative SMS proposed, the company will be able to attract more customers. Indeed, you just have to be convincing with your words to get more consumers. If necessary, send a personalized message. In short, everything is possible with mobile marketing to attract visitors to your landing page. In this way, the company can carry out business intelligence and update business plans to optimize visibility with customers.

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