Don’t miss out on supermarket offers found at online catalogs

With the economic crisis and soaring prices for consumer products, customers need to find a way to shop without going broke. To build customer loyalty and attract new customers, major retailers are ready to use every possible means to stand out from the competition. One of these techniques is to offer promotions to customers via supermarket flyers.

Why take advantage of promotions to do your shopping?

Several times a year, supermarkets and stores offer promotional periods per year to allow customers to do their shopping and save money. This method is so widespread that it is now possible to take advantage of promotions throughout the year. The promotions offered in supermarkets can be considered as the periods when these companies allow consumers to get more products with the same budget usually used. As an example, it is common to notice offers such as "Two products purchased, the third offered" or discounts ranging from 10% to 50% on the total amount to be paid at the checkout from a certain amount. Companies also offer discount coupons or vouchers that allow customers to do their shopping almost for free.

What is a supermarket catalog?

By definition, a catalog is a structured list that the user can use to perform a search. It can be a collection of books and publications, as in the case of a library catalog. However, in the commercial field, it is more of a communication tool that allows the company to promote the sale of items. In other words, the supermarket catalog is an inventory of the products and services that a commercial company makes available to its customers. Still called supermarket flyer or store catalog, the catalog highlights the store's products to push prospects and customers to conclude the reading of this support by an act of purchase of one or more products present in the catalog.

There are two types of store catalogs:

The paper catalog: this is a physical support composed of several pages whose content allows each product to be presented in detail. It is designed to offer a large amount of information to encourage customers to make purchases. The online catalog: here, it is the digital version of the physical support. Descriptions and technical data sheets are therefore available on the net. This type of catalog is very much used by companies because it improves the visibility of the company to its customers and prospects. Take advantage of promotions thanks to online catalogs As stated above, digital catalogs allow you to have all the information on the products offered by a company. In the present context, the online catalog is a means for the company to inform its customers of the opportunities of the moment. To take advantage of its good deals, it is necessary to find the catalogs to consult them. Usually, supermarket brochures are available on the showcase site of the supermarket. You can therefore go to the online platform of the store of your choice to discover all the current promotions thanks to their catalog. However, some sites offering good deals for cheaper shopping can also allow you to find out about the various promotions offered by other companies. In this way, you can be sure not to miss any commercial opportunities.

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