Tips to choose the right type of cotton for a tote bag

The tote bag is a very fashionable and practical product. Made of cotton, it is not only trendy but also customizable. Being a communication tool, a marketing product, and a branded gift, it has significant usefulness. Perennial and ecological, the cotton bag has considerable advantages. It is important to choose the right type of cotton for the tote bag.

Organic cotton for the tote bag

Within the framework of sustainable development, the protection of the environment is a major objective. For the tote bag, organic cotton is a material that perfectly matches the eco-responsible commitments. Organic cotton comes from organic cotton farming. It comes from the cultivation that does not use harmful products or pesticides. Organic cotton is thick, resistant, and flexible. It has a very comfortable softness. It has a certification, guaranteeing that the material is organic, free of all toxic substances. The organic cotton bag has a hypoallergenic property. It is not only trendy but also durable. It is an excellent alternative to disposable bags and remains an economical and ecological shopping bag.

Natural color cotton for the tote bag

The natural-colored cotton shows the natural look of the material. It is also part of the ecological conscience. Moreover, it is customizable. It can be shaped according to your needs. It can be screen printed, printed according to your choice. Motifs and decorations can be added for special and unique totes bags. For eco-responsible companies, offering an advertising bag made from cotton in natural colors shows the company's brand image. Choosing this type of cotton for the tote bag remains affordable for an effective communication tool. Advertising bags in natural colors, personalized, remain practical and attractive to convey messages to targets or the public.

Fairtrade cotton for the tote bag

Certified like organic cotton, fair trade cotton is in line with the objective of sustainable development. It takes into account the producer of the material. It encourages the grower by offering a minimum price that supports production. Fairtrade cotton is involved in sustainable trade. The use of toxic products and dangerous substances in the production of this type of cotton is prohibited. Fairtrade cotton considers small producers and women. It helps to promote the working conditions and remuneration of the farmers. Respecting children's rights, Fair Trade certified cotton condemns child labor in cotton production. The cotton bag promotes both the decency of the producers' standard of living and respect for the environment. Cotton is a relevant material to make a tote bag. Organic, natural-colored, or fair-trade cotton is the certified cotton varieties that respect the environment. Very practical, trendy, and customizable, the bag made from these types of cotton maintains the economy, ecology, and social for sustainable development.

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