Corporate gift ideas

Published on : 24 December 20204 min reading time

Set up regular or special event thank-you arrangements. This is a good and great idea that is proving to be effective in building loyalty and trust among customers, business partners, etc. However, one question remains: how can you make sure that this system is beneficial for the profitability of your subsidiary company, and this in the short term?
In other words, how to find the best object, the best present that seduces while distinguishing it from other groups? Of course, you would like to thank your customers, suppliers, and partners for their loyalty. Discover then through this article a series of original corporate gift ideas that will certainly mark their attention.

Original and ecological corporate gift idea, ideal for the image of your company

At a time when the desire to offer a better world or an ecological environment favorable to the development of Mankind seems to be a common struggle for everyone, there is nothing better than an original corporate gift idea participating in this quest. From this perspective, the idea is to offer an original and eco-responsible corporate gift. A very interesting idea in case your budget is largely limited. That said, to mark the spirit of your employees, your customers, your suppliers, your partners, etc.. For example, you can offer them colorful wooden bracelets made in France, clovers with 4 leaves, plants, or organic seeds. Offering them an organic and natural business gift is a good way to distinguish yourself from others while promoting a communication-oriented towards sustainable development. So, why not offer them a garden kit as a reward for their loyalty. Also, it allows you to show your willingness to work in favor of the green economy. A good idea that will only embellish the image of your company.

You are no longer unaware that offering a gift is a golden opportunity to surprise your partners, employees and customers positively. In this sense, to mark their spirit and attention, you can organize partner events and invite them to live and share an unforgettable experience with you. Cooking workshop, go-kart racing, a little trip to the hot-air balloon…there are so many presents that allow you to create a real surprise and at the same time to spend a magical moment with your allies. Apart from that, at a time when stress and uncertainty almost dominate everyone’s daily life, Zen will surely be in the spotlight. Why not offer them a “relaxation and well-being” gift set. Weekend in a spa, hammam, massage session…don’t hesitate to offer an original corporate gift in the form of a moment of relaxation, just to relax your suppliers, partners and clients.

An original and classic corporate gift idea, to get it right

If you are in doubt about what you can offer, why not opt for gift ideas that have already proven themselves. Gourmet baskets, personalized agendas or pens, bottles of wine, champagne, chocolates or even ornaments, so many sure values that will create a real pleasure during the holidays. However, to stand out from other boxes, we recommend that you focus on the design, the prestige of your image or the quality of your products. In addition to classic gifts, you can also opt for customizable products that are useful in everyday life, such as mugs, calendars, USB keys, mousepads, notepads, etc. High-tech tools such as digital photo frames, webcams, optical mice are also ideal gift ideas to thank your customers, employees, suppliers, etc. Whatever the original corporate gift idea of your choice, don’t forget to mark it with your accompanying message. For example, you can add a short handwritten note in each gift for your customers, suppliers, employees, etc. If you don’t have the time or budget, you can at least accompany each gift with your signature or company logo. In short, the idea is to offer them an original corporate gift that will boost the image of your brand.

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