Collaborative platform for intra-company innovation research

An innovative collaborative platform is a virtual workplace where all work tools and resources are centralized to make it easy for people to communicate and collaborate in the context of the company's activities. The aim is not only to promote interaction but also to have access to information in the context of the follow-up of the different projects. The collaborative platform offers the possibility for a team to work in synergy while facilitating their tasks in the follow-up of different projects for more efficiency. It is an innovative means in terms of economy, employee well-being and productivity within a company.

The main benefits of a collaborative platform for intra-company innovation research

Within a company, an innovative collaborative innovation platform allows each user to deploy in ideal conditions, thus simplifying their daily work. It also offers many advantages such as

Restoring the energy of employees to the service of value creation.

The aim is to provide employees with accessible and easy-to-use tools to focus their energy on truly creative work and values, which will then enable them to follow projects on a day-to-day basis.

To promote communication around the different projects.

The communication about the different projects involves on the one hand all the information that the top management shares (guidelines, objectives, progress and planning), and on the other hand the information that the collaborators will use to carry out their work. Within an innovative collaborative platform, centralization offers the advantage of having information at the right time, contextual and in reasonable quantities, just like the notifications about projects that will only appear to the people concerned.

Improve knowledge reuse.

This is a subject that is not exploited within companies, which often do not have enough time. Over time, an innovative collaborative platform can become a real source of knowledge and information internally. On each project, to avoid "reinventing the wheel", employees will focus on the expertise and experience of previous processes. The advantage here is to save time and energy.

Enabling the development of innovation and the liberation of ideas.

The collaborative innovation platform is imperative for companies that want to foster and implement participatory innovation. In addition to allowing employees to enrich their ideas, it establishes the different rules of the innovation strategy and evaluates developments in terms of initiatives and project transformation.

How to set up a collaborative innovation platform?

To set up a collaborative innovation platform, it is essential to adopt adequate solutions through the following steps. Determining the objectives to be achieved using the innovation ideation platform: this is the first step that will help to identify the company's needs precisely to formalize the expected results and measurement indicators. Determine precisely the perimeter of the platform within the company: it is a question of knowing if it will be used in project management, to set up a database, to improve collaborative innovation, or to be focused on objectives.  

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