Event organization: how to create a social wall

The Social Wall is a Word Buzz in marketing today. We always talk about it, but what is it? The Social Wall is a digital or physical space that is used to disseminate social publications about a new brand, a new product, and also a marketing event. This ultimate tool is a must to boost the performance of your communication and marketing strategies. It is also a support to improve your visibility. Marketers can use it to conquer a large audience. The social wall includes publications that talk about your products on social networks through dedicated hashtags. In other words, it is a Live Stream where all the publications posted are displayed directly on the interactive wall via several social networks. To innovate and specify your events, opt for the Social Wall. So, how do you do it? Here are some key tips.

Interactive Wall, the turnkey solution

The service provider offers an intelligent service adapted to all sectors of activity. This tool allows you to modernize your marketing and communication strategies while increasing the engagement of your audiences. The performance and quality of service suggested by Interactive Wall can be appreciated by the extremely simple administration interface. The interactivity proposed by the provider allows you to enjoy an unprecedented interactive experience during your events. Interactive Wall is a fast, economical, and customizable solution. Its mode of operation is simple. In just a few minutes, customize your interactive wall with the proposed templates. Configure the decor of your Wall, here you can put your brand image in advance by customizing the preview of the interface with your company logo. Content control is also simple. To amplify the visibility of your products and brands via the SMS Wall and Instagram wall during the event, let your audience participate and post their publications via the social networks used. Gather your followers and all the news related to a product or brand in one place and broadcast the best moments via the virtual screen.

Integrate the option into your social networks

To make the use of social walls more convenient, it is important to add the option in the most used social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. In this way, the integration operation is not complicated. In the administration interface, go to the "Personalization" menu and then "General". At the bottom, far end of the page, enter the "Social networks to integrate" pane and assign the desired social networks. It is important to note that with Facebook, you cannot retrieve posts from a private account. Depending on the needs of your companies, you can also integrate social networks such as Google+, WeChat, Pinterest, etc.

Choose carefully the "Hashtags"

The Hashtag is an essential element for the success of your interactive animation during your events. This marker is more and more used in the web universe, and also in the interactive wall. In general, it is composed of a keyword and the cross-reference " # ".  The number of hashtags must not exceed the 5 terminologies. To make the right choice of a hashtag in the interactive animation, it is smart to use all the terms your followers can use. Likewise, use words related to the organized event, what professional marketers call the "official hashtag". To optimize the results of your Social Wall, while engaging your audiences in the long term, hashtag tracking is the solution. The hashtag counter or hashtag tracking consists of collecting useful data lost when the follower gets the terminology wrong.

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